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During our adventure, we will be raising money for a number of cancer charities. Because not all charities can afford to pay the subscription and commission charges associated with we have only created JustGiving pages for the two main charities that we are raising for. We will be raising for the two smaller charities by way of fundraising events and collections. If you do want to donate to one of the smaller charities, please contact us via email and we’ll be glad to receive the donation and publish it on the blog.

Cancer Research UK
One in three people will get cancer at some point in their lives. What a scary statistic! But, as little as a decade ago the survival rate of cancer sufferers was significantly less than today, and the reason that many people’s life expectancy and quality of life has improved so greatly is because of the groundbreaking research that Cancer Research UK has undertaken. That research couldn’t have been possible without the support of millions of people.
This is a really important charity to us as this charity already has the knowhow and facilities to help prevent deaths from the disease. Although, like many, we have lost loved ones, we understand that many others survive the battle. We’re grateful for that and would like to help increase the chances for others in the future.

Macmillan Cancer Support
This is a charity close to my heart as I have seen the benefit that the support it delivers has on families trying to come to terms with the issues that cancer creates. The pressures on people caring for loved ones are enormous and they are not limited to the emotional effects. The practical help with advice and support with the extra equipment and considerations around the house is so important. It is one of the things that make it easier for everyone. As does the recognition for carers and families to receive a little respite, which is why Macmillan also help carers get away and recuperate so that they can continue to give the best support. Without it, even a real saint would struggle. Everyone needs a hand.

There will be two smaller charities. These will be announced shortly.