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Tuesday, 21 June 2011

My first experience of SPDs

Up until now I have always ridden flats. I've tried a few cheapies and even invested in some Crank Bros 50/50s a few years back. When it came to SPDs, I always had 'the fear' of falling off and corkscrewing my legs off my body or else be a commuter-clown toppling over at the lights, much to everyone's amusement. I'm sure these things might still greet me in my future but since receiving my Shimano SH-MT41G shoes at half price I've only experienced good things.

Oh, what a difference it makes. Admittedly I changed my tyres from 26x2.35 to 26x1.95 and inflated them to 60psi but I still found that the climbs both on and off road were so much easier and I really did feel that my energy was focused on pedalling rather than staying on the pedals and adjusting my stance.

Coming down Elrick Hill was wet, rooty, rocky and technical and it was uncomfortable not being able to quickly dab a foot down but actually, when it was really necessary, I found I automatically released my foot to dab down before coming a cropper. My fear or being clipped in is waning. Here's today's route.

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